RT Licensing Process in Oregon

Board Exam

  1. Instructor denotes “graduated” on the NBRC website.
  2. Student logs on to NBRC.org and clicks on examinations, chooses credential desired (CRT, RRT, etc) and under LINKS, choose submit an online application
  3. Complete test application, pay fee
  4. Student receives an email with either complete or incomplete test application. If incomplete, student should call (888) 341-4811 and request to schedule exam. Log off the NBRC.org website.
  5. IF NBRC representative did not schedule your exam on the phone, the will have updated your file so you may schedule online. Wait 10 minutes, then log on to NBRC.org to schedule CRT exam appt. Click on examinations, credential desired, proceed thru the application process again. Do not pay again if prompted. If this happens, contact the NBRC.
  6. Student should then be routed to an appointment screen with locations and calendar to choose test site and date.
  7. Be sure to read all information provided. If you must reschedule your test, you must contact the NBRC online or by phone at least two BUSINESS DAYS prior to your scheduled exam.
  8. Be sure you have the appropriate ID on test day.


The next business day after the test:
  1. Log into the NBRC.org website and verify your credential.
  2. Credentialed Practitioners
  3. Click on first time user
  4. Fill out requested information
  5. If website has been updated, name, credential, and a menu should appear
  6. Below Credential Services…..click on Purchase Credential Verification Letters
  7. Complete information and pay fee
  8. Be sure to have letter sent directly to your Health Licensing Agency
  9. Print receipt for proof of purchase
  10. Log on to http://egov.oregon.gov/HLO/RT/
  11. Click on the FORMS link on left
  12. Print Qualification Form, complete & mail with appropriate fee and ID copies listed on the form
  13. Print & complete Application Form.
  14. Once contacted by Licensing Agency and cleared to mail application form……..mail with appropriate fee and ID listed.
  15. Per OHLA, do not mail Qualification Form and Application Form together. They will return the Application Form unprocessed.
  16. License should show up on the Health Licensing Agency website when granted.

Important contact info:

NBRC: 888-341-4811 OHLA: 503-378-8667 email: ohla.info@state.or.us