Congratulations 2016 OSRC Scholarship Winners

This year the OSRC is proud to announce its 2016 scholarship winners. We had several deserving applications, but unfortunately could only pick the top four.

From the Associate programs we congratulate;

  1. Yulitta Zhiryada from Concorde College. Yulitta started her journey into respiratory care by first becoming a volunteer for Adventist Health. Her biggest goal is to make a positive impact and changes lives with the skills she is learning and will continue to grow as a Respiratory Therapist.
  2. Ana Villa Amparo from Lane Community College. Ana was born on Mexico and her family moved to the U.S. when she was a little girl. She grew up seeing her father suffer from breathing problems and has dedicated her career to him. Her goal upon graduation is to travel to other countries and help those who cannot afford healthcare.

From the Bachelors programs we congratulate;

  1. Jeremy Plambeck from OIT. Jeremy followed in his mother’s foots steps and shares her passion for the profession. Jeremy’s goals are to earn dual credentials in both respiratory and sleep to help bridge the gap of these great professions.
  2. Edith Cirtes from OIT. Edith grew up with a brother who suffered from asthma and witnessed firsthand the difficulties of lung disease. Edith has a passion to work in Peds/NICU and as her skills grow to go to third world countries to help improve survival rates for children and babies.

We present to you the class of 2016 OSRC scholarship winners. Please join in congratulating them and welcoming all the students to this great profession.