Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 03, 2015

Pre-conference Meeting

Wilsonville, Oregon


Present: Pedro Cabrera, David Buckwalter, Tim Hutchinson, Marilyn Barclay, Tony Garberg, Cathy Melero, Renee Angstrom, April Venes, Joe Dwan, Manya Kanavalov, Emily Uridil, and Jeff Cowgill.


Not Present:, Carmen Lohkamp, Susan Pfanner, Mark Brody, Norma Driscoll, Carl Eckrode, Ted Welker, Leann Forsythe, Brian Peacock and Joelle Wilson.


Called to order at 1805 on Tuesday, March 03, 2015, by President Cathy Melero.

A quorum was established.

Approval of Minutes:

February 06, 2015 and November 14, 2014 meeting minutes presented via e-mail and website.

Motioned to approve past 2 meeting minutes made by Cathy Melero, 2nd the motion by Pedro Cabrera. All voted in favor to approve February 06, 2015 BOD meeting minutes and November 14, 2014 BOD meeting minutes.


Updated BOD Contact List– See OSRC BOD members list on OSRC Website. (Congratulations to Manya on Completion of her Master’s degree.)


President’s Report-Cathy Melero-

Moved to have Dave Buckwalter give update on Conference progress.

Vice President’s Report: Carmen Lohkamp –Not Present. No Report given. Pre-Conference report given by Dave Buckwalter/Tim Hutchinson. Discussed Approx. revenue $46,000. Expenditure costs will be calculated as soon as available. Approximately 190 attendees. 26 students so far.

-Denise and will be at Registration desk early. BOD members, to arrive from 6:30am-6:40am. to assist.

-All Speakers committed and ready to go. One became ill will be replaced by MICU Sandra from Emmanuel. Discussed refunds for illness. Suggestions were presented. (Contract states 30-day refunds given.)   30 days needed for cost/per person calculations to meet hotel contract requirement. Persons may invite a stand-in attendee and/or receive tax credit.

-Speakers will receive special gifts for participation-hand made wooden pen and AARC certificate of Appreciation.

-Student Scholarship Raffle and Auction plans discussed. Marilyn Barclay volunteered to be available at Student Scholarship raffle site. Tickets 1 for $5 dollars, 3 for $10 and 10 for $20 dollars. Will auction off-Somnology textbook and other donations throughout conference. Auctioneer-Dave Buckwalter (Past President) volunteered.

-Need to recycle name badges-moderators will mention this between speakers.

Moderators volunteered; Day 1-April Venes and Dave Buckwalter. Day 2-Jeff Cowgill and Renee Angstrom. Moderators to remind the attendees to meet, learn about their products and thank the vendors for their involvement/participation at this year’s conference.

-CEU’s certificate complete. Speaker evaluation forms ready. Secretary to make multiple copies of the evaluation forms for conference attendees. 7 CEU’s Day-1 and 5 CEu’s Day-2 Total of 12 CEU’s except more for those that attended Manager’s mtg. Will look into e-mailing CEU’s for the future.

-Consider OSRC lapel pin sales at next conference?

Motion made to keep conference at Holiday Inn Wilsonville for next conference in March 2016 by Marilyn. Motioned 2ndby Pedro. No further discussion. All approved March 2016 State conference to be held in Wilsonville at Holiday Inn.


Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay– Report given. CPA/consult gave suggestions to Secretary will share this with the Treasurer next couple of days.


Student Representative; Joelle Wilson-Not present. No electronic report given.


Director’s Reports:


Eastern: Report: Position Vacant-Report given by Tony Garberg.Tony shared there is a new DME manager presently in Hermiston. They have been over extended-10% lay-offs predicted. There is not 24 hour coverage at this time.


Northwest: Jeff Cowgill– Report given by Jeff. Made contact with Ace Nilson at Portland Providence St. Vincent. OHSU has new simulations lab where annual competencies can be performed @ Waterfront on 4th fl. Goal is to encourage and hope for increased clinical knowledge and level of care.


Northeast: Vacant.


Central: Manya Kanavalov- Report given. Salem Hospital has hasd business month ever since 2011. Corvallis borrowed two vents from Albany hospital.


Southern: Pedro Cabrera-Present– Report given. Asante Kelly Angel is working a dual role at 2 Asante hospitals. Coos Bay manager mentioned they would like to attend the Manager’s breakfast at the OSRC conference. Lake district manager is an RN.


Delegate Report: Joe Dwan & Tim Hutchison– Both present-HOD resolution stalled. CoARC and AARC are not seeing eye to eye regarding roundtable issues and dollaboration. Preseidnet is onboard with RRT minimum.

Discussed APRT (Issue-PA’s are being hired due to lack of available MD’s ) The APRT would give RT’s prescriptive powers etc. Presently there is a APRT Master’s program in New York. Bill Cohagen states Jo Sardelo past-education chair is a resource for information. Joe will email curriculum to April. .  


PACT Report: Tony Garberg– Present. Report given by Tony and Joe. RT is the only therapy given by AS degree professionals. All others are at least BS to PhD.

61% pf RT’s become RRT if immediately take the RRT exam. 10% if they wait to take the RRT exam. RRT minimum discussed regarding if determined by state by state it will be a lengthy process since the AARC is not in support of member interested in this change. The option for CRT’s grandfathering is not an option at this time Joe has joined the AARC Ad hoc Committee to advance the profession.

Tony gave update on HB 2305. We accept BRPT. There is no mention of credited programs. Will wait until out of Congress hands. This Friday Virtual Lobby Week begins. Please send letters via Capitol Connection on AARC website. https://www.aarc.org/resources/advocacy/aarc-capitol-connection/

Send letters every day for a week sarting Friday 06, 2015. For twitters they can tweet #AARCVLW15


Committee Reports:


Sleep Chair: Mark Brodie Not present. No Electronic Report given.


Education Chair/Scholarship: Norma Driscol– Not Present. No Electronic Report given.


Management Chair: Vacant? No report given.

Membership: Brian Peacock and Leeann Forsythe-Not present. No report given.


Alternate site-Ted Welker-Not Present-No Electronic Report given.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Susan Pfanner, RT (President elect-OSCVR-Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation) Expressed desire to become more involved on the OSRC board.


Public Awareness-Vacant 


OHLA Liaison- Tony Garberg– Present. Report given by Tony. Discussed polysomnography licensing issue. HB 2305. Those that attended the Public Hearing and gave testimony (Marilyn, April, Cathy, Manya and Bill C.) shared their experience.

Cathy Melero prepared and sent OSRC letterhead note with President’s position on polysomnography pathways safety issue to OHLA.



Old Business:

Discussion continues on the Polysomnograhy HB 2305 issue, APRT letters to OIT and RRT minimum.

New Business:

Further discussion on APRT Master’s program at OIT and the need to write to suggested persons at OIT to share RT’s/community interest for OIT to have a APRT program available.

Need new OSRC logo envelopes printed out. Where? Mt. Hood has done the printing in the past. Will check with Denise Meyers printing connections?

Election Results;

President-Renee Angstrom

President Elect-Bill Cohagen

PACT-Bill Cohagen

Central Regional Directors-Manya Kanavalov and Emily Uridil

Alternate Site-Jim Fery

Secretary-April Venes

Vice President-Peter Miller to be contacted by New President.


Next Board of Director’s Meetings

1.) Post-Conference BOD Meeting in March 5th @ Holiday Inn Wilsonville. @ TBD. To be arranged by President elect.


Meeting Adjourned at 2000


Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,

April Venes, RRT, BSRC

March 10, 2015

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