Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 07, 2014

        Samaritan Albany Hospital

            Albany, Oregon


Present: Joe Dwan, Pedro Cabrera, April Venes, Tim Hutchinson, Cathy Melero, Renee Angstrtom, Manya Kanalov,, Marilyn Barclay, and Peter Miller.


Not Present: David Buckwalter, Norma Driscoll, Jeff Cowgill, Ted Welker, Ashley Weimer, Susan Pfanner, Tony Garberg.and Phil Finch.


Visitors; Bill Cohagen and Mark Brody.


Called to order at 1005 on Friday, March 07, 2014 by President Cathy Melero.


A quorum was established.


Approval of Minutes:

February 04, 2014 meeting minutes presented via e-mail.

Motioned to approve last meeting minutes by April Venes, Pedro Cabrera 2nd the motion. All voted in favor to approve February 04, 2013 BOD meeting minutes.


Updated BOD Contact List– See attachment. (New Student Rep. Joel Wilson-OIT and addition of Seep-PSGT Committee) Bill Cohagen to join Conference Committee. Contact Information; Bill Cohagen, RRT, MSHCA, FAARC
Manager of Respiratory Care Services
Salem Health
890 Oak Street SE Building A
Respiratory Care – 3rd floor
Salem, Oregon 97309-5014
Office: 503-814-3110
Fax #: 503-814-3052


Mark Brodie, RPSGT, CRT

4018 A Loop

Washougal, WA 98671

408-4SL-EEP or 408 475-3374



President’s Report-Cathy Melero- (President sworn in by Secretary)

(New President Swore in the new 2014 BOD members present.)

Central Region Director needs to be filled since Renee is in the President Elect position. Suggestions for this position are: Randy Cox, Dan Pye. Manya will check her area hospitals and April will check Springfield and Eugene hospitals. Northeast and Eastern Regional Director positions still vacant. April will send the Bylaws via e-mail to Pedro, Manya and Renee. (Sent 3/9/2014)

LeeAnn Forsythe needs to be contacted regarding Membership involvement by Cathy Melero.


Conference complaints and comments discussed; Vendor comments mentioned. Students’ comments brought forward. Need for more Poster board participants and deadline leniency.   Discussion regarding Registration table requests the need for the Treasurer and BOD involvement instead of students for best accuracy and consistency due to complications when really busy times occur. Registration table needs to be set-up night before conference begins.


Dave will be contacted by April and/or Tim regarding cancellation policy created: Inclusion of $50 cancellation fee. Add an ‘at door’ fee increase on registration form.


Marilyn requested a dessert bake-off instead of chili cook-off for 2015. Need to have an active MC during the cook-off/bake-off for next year to raise more dollars for scholarships. Vice President to select a specific person to be the MC for co-off. Bill Cohagen volunteered to assist the Conference Committee members.


Reminder of Conference Committee group organized with 2-3 year commitment.

Program Committee members are: Denise Meyers, Jeff Cowgill, Dave Buckwalter, Diane Shiling, and Renee Angstrom. Vice President to report to President the progress of Program Committee via Dave or other members on the BOD that are on the Committee. 1st Meeting see below.


Request made to licensure liaison-Tony Garberg to petition licensing board to add ½ of CEUs obtained on line and ½ to be physically present at a conference. Prevents licensee from obtaining all CEU’s on one day on line near due date as some have done in past.


Renee and Tim sent April roles and responsibilities for their positions during the conference. (Thank you.)


Vice President’s Report: Phil Finch –Not present. No report given

Discussion occurred regarding the importance of the Vice President in getting the Conference Potential Speakers lined up in 30 days. Cathy will contact Phil.

Speaker Suggestions;

Renee suggested-Pediatrician-Jill Peason, MD,

Cathy Melero-Wes Sadlecek could speak next year also.

April/Pedro Recommended-Jim Hulse.

Sleep topic speakers check with Mark Brodie. Frank Miller.

Bill Cohagen and Joe Dwan volunteered as speakers.

Speakers suggested last yeart;

  • Joe Dwarksi from PA
  • Nick from Medford re: sleep Joel Glass PSGR Pres.
  • Gary Kaufman
  • Ann Turn
  • AARC sponsored speaker?

IMPORTANT; Find sponsors for all speakers to cut stipend and other costs.


Treasurer’s Report: Peter Miller/Marilyn Barclay- Report given see attachment. Awaiting checks from AARC revenue sharing. Marilyn will contact Sheri Milligan. Sunset Laws concerns mentioned.


Created Budget for 2014-2015-completed. Marilyn made motion to approve 2014-2015 Annual Budget proposal Joe 2ndthe motion. No further discussion. Unanimously approved via vote.


Student Representative; Joel Wilson suggested by Pedro Cabrera-newly appointed and approved by Cathy Melero.


Director’s Reports:


Eastern: Vacant.


Northwest: Jeff Cowgill- No Report given.


Northeast: Vacant.


Central: Renee Angstrom and Manya Kanavalov- Report given by Renee

See attachment.


Southern: Pedro Cabrera-Present-Report given. Treadmill and equipment given to OIT for Exercise Physiology course at Klamath Falls from Hermiston Hospital. Medical Advisory Board Meeting will be held March 14, 2014 at 11am at Martha Dow Bldg. Asante Regional Medical Center hired 3-5 new grads from LCC and 4 grads from OIT. They are pleased with the competency shown by both groups of students.


Delegate Report: Joe Dwan-Tim Hutchison- Report given.

Tim reported conference attendance.

36 vendors-40 attendees- 88 RT’s and 65 RT students.

Joe reported on the creation of the new Resolution/Business Plan for the OSRC.


PACT Report: Tony Garberg-Not present. Report given by Joe Dwan –Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act. HR 2619 Capitol Hill Letter writing campaign needed for the week before April 1st. Please Contact OR Reps and Senators to support HR 2617 via Capitol Connection at AARC website.


Committee Reports:


Education Chair/Scholarship: Norma Driscol Not present No Report given.


Management Chair: Marilyn Barclay-Present. No report given.


Nominations/Election: Tony Garberg- Not present. No report given.


Membership: Brian Peacock and Leeann Forsythe-Not present. No report given.


Audit: Tim Hutchison- No report at this time.


Alternate site-Ted Welker-Not Present-No Report given.


OHLA Liaison- Tony Garberg- Not Present. Joe Dwan Re-iterated that the Certification courses cannot be used for CEU’s such as ACLS etc.- Request made to licensure liaison-Tony Garber to petition licensing board to add ½ of CEUs obtained on line and ½ to be physically present at a conference. Prevents licensees from obtaining all CEU’s on one day on line as some have done in past. Do not have to open licensure bill to dot this per Bill Cohagen.


Old Business:

Cathy Melero to contact Ace Nilson regarding flash drive from conference. nilson@lhs.org 503 413-2245

Webmaster update given by Cathy Melero. $500 balance remains. A preview of the new website draft will be presented to Cathy Melero after Monday of next week. She hopes to share this with BOD to preview also for comment. Three website Administrator’s chosen to oversee and post updates-Cathy Melero-President, Renee Angstrom-President Elect and April Venes-Secretary.


New Business: Suggested Title and Theme;

           Prepare for the Silver Tsunami

Changing Health Care Focus to Disease Management


Next Board of Director’s Meetings & (Feb. Meeting-Conference Committee only)


1.) June 6, 2014, Friday @ 10-2pm

Riverbend Hospital OHVI April to Set-up room and food.

2.) September 12, 2014, Friday @ 10am-2pm.

Samaritan Hospital Albany Marilyn to arrange room and food.

3.) November 14, 2014 Friday @ 10am-2pm.

Salem Hospital Manya to se-up room and food.

4.) February 6, 2014 Friday Conference Committee Meeting only.

Dave to set-up room and food if possible?

5.) Pre-Conference BOD meeting Holiday Inn Wilsonville @ 6pm.

To be arranged by VP

6.) Post-Conference BOD Meeting Holiday Inn Wilsonville after conference

To be arranged by VP


Meeting Adjourned at 1335


Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,

April Venes, RRT, BSRC

March 11, 2014

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