Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 06, 2014

Peace Health River Bend Hospital                                                                                    

Eugene, Oregon                                                                                


Present: Joe Dwan,  April Venes, David Buckwalter, Tim Hutchinson, Norma Driscoll, Cathy Melero, Carmen Lohkamp, Renee Angstrtom, Jeff Cowgill, Susan Pfanner, Mark Brody and Marilyn Barclay.

Tony Garberg present via phone conferencing


Not Present: Pedro Cabrera, Manya Kanalov, Carl Eckrode, Ted Welker, Ashley Weimer, Leann Forsythe, Brian Peacock and Joel Wilson.


Called to order at 1007 on Friday, June 06, 2014 by President Cathy Melero.


A quorum was established once Tony Garberg called in.


Approval of Minutes:

March 07, 2014 meeting minutes presented via e-mail and during meeting.

Motioned to approve last meeting minutes by April Venes, Cathy Melero 2nd the motion. All voted in favor to approve March 07, 2013 BOD meeting minutes.


Updated BOD Contact List– See e-mail attachment.


President’s Report-Cathy Melero- Vice President Carmen Lohkamp introduced to the BOD

Central Region Director still needs to be filled since Renee is in the President Elect position. Suggestions for this position are: Randy Cox, Dan Pye were made last meeting. Manya will check her area hospitals April checked Springfield Hospital-no one interested-all too busy.

Cathy Melero contacted LeeAnn Forsythe regarding BOD meeting and Membership involvement.


Dave Buckwalter Dave working on cancellation policy: Inclusion of $50 cancellation fee. Add an ‘at door’ fee increase on registration form and a ’Weather’ clause.


Reminder that Conference Committee group organized with 2-3 year commitment.

Program Committee members are: Denise Meyers, Jeff Cowgill, Dave Buckwalter, Diane Shiling, Denise Kromer, and Renee Angstrom. 1st Meeting-August 15, 2014. See below for details.


Vice President’s Report: Carmen Lohkamp –Present. No report given at this time.

Carmen filled in and getting up to date on the work in progress regarding conference.

$104 room rates, $500 vs. $2400 for conference lecture halls negotiated already. Averages out to $6200/day which equals about $58.00/person.

Reiterated the importance of the Vice President in getting the Conference Potential Speakers lined up soon. Dave has potential Pediatric MD. Misty Carlson to be speaker. A pulmonary MD would be checked into also.

List from last BOD meeting added below;

Speaker Suggestions;

Renee suggested-Pediatrician-Jill Peason, MD,

Cathy Melero-Wes Sadlecek could speak coming year also.

April/Pedro Recommended-Jim Hulse.

Sleep topic speakers check with Mark Brodie. Frank Miller.

Bill Cohagen and Joe Dwan volunteered as speakers.

Speakers suggested last yeart;

  • Joe Dwarksi from PA
  • Nick from Medford re: sleep Joel Glass PSGR Pres.
  • Gary Kaufman
  • Ann Turn
  • AARC sponsored speaker?

IMPORTANT; Find sponsors for all speakers to cut stipens and other costs.

Dave Buckwalter has signed contract for 2015 Wilsonville. Will send to Secretary 2015 contract to place in conference records.


Dave working on cancellation policy: Inclusion of $50 cancellation fee. Add an ‘at door’ fee increase on registration form. Weather clause inclusion.


Reminder of Conference Committee group organized with 2-3 year commitment.

Program Committee members are: Denise Meyers, Jeff Cowgill, Dave Buckwalter, Diane Shiling, and Renee Angstrom. Vice President to report to President the progress of Program Committee via Dave or other members on the BOD that are on the Committee. 1st Meeting-August 15, 2014, see below for details.


Mark mention sleep topics inclusion for conference. Conference participants requested sleep and home care.


Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Barclay- Report given see attachment.   Two long lost AARC revenue sharing checks arrived. Additional Revenue sharing checks came to $4,038.55. Extensive findings by Marilyn presented to board regarding state tax filings since 2009. Much discussion occurred on the need for a Tax accountant to review filings and errors.   Marilyn will scan and send 2009-2013 tax filings to Dave. Norma offered to help to Marilyn with the use of QuickBooksâ.


Student Representative; Joelle Wilson not present. No report given.


Director’s Reports:


Eastern: Report given by Tony Garberg. Hepner hospital is going to electronic record keeping. Pendleton ‘s new facility is up and running.


Northwest: Jeff Cowgill- Report given by Jeff and Dave. Denny Gish retiring soon from Legacy Emmanuel. Providence is holding off on new hires at this time. They are phasing out positions as RT’s exit at this time. OHSU hired 12 new grads since 2014 began. Census is presently up higher than it has ever been at OHSU. Trish Mitchem the Clinical Mgr, Adult Respiratory Care has retired. David Quitmeyer and Paul Lapinski are new hires for clinical managers at OHSU. Concorde College is working on cost saving techniques.


Northeast: Vacant.


Central: Manya Kanavalov- Report given by Renee/Jeff/Norma Heliox Therapy discussed and Dave will share protocols etc. with Renee. Chuck McGhee retiring. Rosie Colombe to replace him. McKenzie Willamette Hospital has plans for 80 million dollar renovations. Lane Community College will begin to take only every other year enrollment.


Southern: Pedro Cabrera-Present-No Report given. OIT is restructuring the on-line BSRC program.


Delegate Report: Joe Dwan-Tim Hutchison- Report given.

Joe reported on the creation of the new Resolution/Business Plan for the OSRC.

Two Resolutions were brought to the table to be voted on by OSRC.


Resolution-1 Additional verbiage to be added to the AARC Statement of Ethics and Professional Conduct regarding employee to employee conduct including ‘Lateral hostility/Horizontal violence’ which includes physical and verbal abuse, bullying and inappropriate behavior. Motion was made by Marilyn Barclay to support the proposed Resolution-1 inclusion. Jeff Cowgill seconded the motion. All voted in favor to support this resolution.


Resolution-2 Finance students to attend House of Delegates Meeting. (Split about $1,000 to be used for possibly meals for students?) April made the motion to support the resolution to support student’s attendance at House of Delegates Meetings by assisting with $1,000.

Marilyn seconded the motion. All voted in favor of supporting this resolution.


Next House of Delegates meeting in summer will be held in Florida. Joe will bring the OSRC Board members recommendations.


PACT Report: Tony Garberg- Present via phone conferencing. Report given. (See attachment) Tony met with OR Reps and Senators to support HR 2619 on April 1st, 2014 in Washington, DC. Rebecca Rudolph joined him from the COPD foundation. HR 2619. Every office was much more informed and positive about the bill. Senator Wyden sponsoring a potential companion bill for HR 2619.- ‘better care, lower costs’.


Committee Reports:


Sleep Chair: Mark Brodie Report given. Mark  requested topics in our next state meeting regarding sleep. This will be addressed further in the Conference Committee Meeting in August. Mark will create job description for the position he is in and Marilyn will be in contact with the AARC regarding the inclusion of sleep positions in OSRC.


Education Chair/Scholarship: Norma Driscol-Present. Report given. LCC has another potential Student Representative. Norma will contact. Conference comments by students addressed. Norma will e-mail completed conference scholarship applications, etc. to Secretary. (Done )April forwarded to Historian.


Management Chair: Marilyn Barclay-Present. No report given.


Membership: Brian Peacock and Leeann Forsythe-Not present. No report given.


Audit: Tim Hutchison- No report at this time.


Alternate site-Ted Welker-Not Present-No Report given.


OHLA Liaison- Tony Garberg- Present via phone conferencing. Gave report orally and via written report. (See e-mail Attachments). There are 1707 licensed RT and 257 PSGT’s in OR as of 04/30/2014.


Old Business:

Cathy Melero to contact Ace Nilson via phone regarding flash drive from conference. nilson@lhs.org 503 413-2245

Webmaster update given by Cathy Melero. New website is up and running there will be a learning curve on getting it to look consistent. Cathy to give phone number of Webmaster to April to ask questions regarding the titles of locations on the website. (Completed by Cathy) (Three website Administrator’s chosen to oversee and post updates-Cathy Melero-President, Renee Angstrom-President Elect and April Venes-Secretary.)

–Gave Suggested Title and Theme to Dave and Carmen for the August Meeting;

           Prepare for the Silver Tsunami

Changing Health Care Focus to Disease Management



New Business:

Joe has written a position paper (See e-mail attachment) on the RRT as entry-level minimum and would like the support of the OSRC.  Joe made motion to use position paper to support RRT entry-level minimum by OSRC. Marilyn seconded the motion. All voted in favor as BOD members to support RRT minimum position paper.


Cathy to send OSRC letterhead note with President’s position on RRT entry-level minimum to OHLA.


ACCS review July 14-15th @Emanuel. See Joe Dwan for more information.


Next Board of Director’s Meetings (August 15th and Feb 6th Meeting-Conference Committee only)


1.) September 12, 2014, Friday @ 10am-2pm.

Samaritan Hospital Albany Marilyn to arrange room and food.

2.) November 14, 2014 Friday @ 10am-2pm.

Salem Hospital Manya to se-up room and food.

1.) Conference Committee Members Meeting only

a. August 15th Friday @10 am. Carmen Lohkamp’s residence. (See BOD list for address-sent via e-mail)

b. February 6, 2014 Friday-To be set-up by Carmen

4.) Pre-Conference BOD meeting on March 3rd @ Holiday Inn Wilsonville @ 6pm.

To be arranged by VP

5.) Post-Conference BOD Meeting in March 5th @ Holiday Inn Wilsonville. @ TBD

To be arranged by VP


Meeting Adjourned at 1345


Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,

April Venes, RRT, BSRC

June 12, 2014

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