Oregon Society for Respiratory Care

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes                                                                           

February 04, 2014                                                                                       

Wilsonville Holiday Inn                                                                                  

Wilsonville, Oregon


Present: David Buckwalter, Pedro Cabrera, April Venes, Tim Hutchinson, Cathy Melero, Renee Angstrom, Manya Kanalaov, Ted Welker, Norma Driscoll, and Jeff Cowgill, Peter Miller,  and Tony Garberg. Visitor-Brenda Botts.

Not Present: Joe Dwan, Ashley Weimer, Susan Pfanner and Phil Finch.

Called to order at 1808 on Tuesday, February 04, 2013 by President David Buckwalter. 

A quorum was established.

Approval of Minutes:

November 08, 2014 meeting minutes presented at meeting and via e-mail. 

Motioned to approve last meeting minutes by April Venes, Pedro Cabrera 2nd the motion. All voted in favor to approve November 08, 2013 BOD meeting minutes.

Updated BOD Contact List– Updated. See attachment.

President’s Report-Dave Buckwalter-

Last minute reschedule for keynote speaker for Tim Meyers due to surgery/MD orders.

Filled by Steve Kinder –Professor at OHSU, HC Master’s Program.

Ted volunteered to help with crowd control.  Moderator list sent around table for volunteers.  All positions filled. Requested a need to encourage attendees to visit vendors on breaks and mealtimes. Scholarship/Educational/Memorial Fund in memory of John Leder addressed.

 Dave brought up a revision of the conference site for next year in Salem.  Suggested Wilsonville. Salem costs approx. $36K. Wilsonville about a $12K difference for the better.

Motion made by Jeff Cowgill for approval of site change.  Renee seconded. Discussion ensued regarding penalties for rooms not booked, cost and ease of drive for attendees.  All voted in favor to commit to Wilsonville for 2015 conference next year. 

A Motion was made by Tim to change Annual State Conference to March 4-5th, 2015 instead of February dates as in past. Renee 2nd the motion.  Unanimous vote for approval of the change of month for conference to March from February.

Discussed the further need and re-iterated the list of roles and responsibilities to be given to April as soon as able.  (Tim Hutchinson submitted his during conference-thanks you!) The goal is to promote the success of the conference this year and for following years to come.   

Vice President’s Report:  Phil Finch –No report given at this time due to China trip.

Dave Buckwalter deferred to Tim Hutchinson who gave the latest number of reg. on-line registrants for the day. Total revenue approximated at $31,000-$33,000 per registrants and vendor income.  Cost approximated at $18,000-$20,000. Net approx. $10,000.

Dave discussed the need to go with on-site microphones for approx. $280.00 Incl. in Audio package.

Conference Committee group organized with 2-3 year commitment. 

Program Committee members are: Denise Meyers, Jeff Cowgill, Dave Buckwalter, Diane Shiling, and Renee Angstrom.  Vice President to report to President the progress of Program Committee via Dave or other members on the BOD that are on the Committee.

Cancellation Policy to be drafted by Dave.

Brenda Bott shared silent auction items; hot air balloon, gift baskets, wine collection basket and gift certificates.

Treasurer’s Report:  Peter Miller- No report given.

Student Representatives Report: Carmen Lohkamp and Rebecca Cruden:  Not present-No report given.

Director’s Report:

Eastern: Tony Garberg- Reported on 25 bed hospital in Pendleton-St. Anthony’s is open and was accredited in late December.

Northwest: Jeff Cowgill- Report given-New manager at Vibra David Cook. St Vincent new mentioned by Brad Meyers. OHSU new Clinical manager is David Quitmeyer.

Northeast: Open

Central: Renee Angstrom and Manya Kanavalov-Renee Present-

Joe Zanella replace by Steve Dickman at Santiam Memorial Hospital in Stanton, Oregon.

Bill Cohagen will begin Feb 17th as new RT Manager. Recently purchase a fleet of (8) Hamilton ventilators.

Southern: Pedro Cabrera-Present-Report given. Mentioned a new HBO units have been set-up.

Delegate Report: Joe Dwan-Tim Hutchison- Nor report given.

PACT Report: Tony Garberg-Report given – There has been no progression on bill regarding Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act. HR 2619.  Off to Capitol Hill in March-April. Contacted OR Reps and Senators for appointments.

Committee Reports:

Education Chair/Scholarship: Norma Driscol Report given. Scholarship/Educational/Memorial Fund in memory of John Leder addressed. Quite a few scholarship applicants applied.

MWH has restructured their RC department.

Management Chair:  Marilyn Barclay-Present.  No report given.

Nominations/Election: Tony Garberg- No report given.

Membership: Brian Peacock and Leeann Forsythe-Not present

Audit:  Tim Hutchison- No report at this time.

Alternate site-Ted Welker-Present-Report given. Home care RCP’s will not be attending.

OHLA Liaison- Tony Garberg- No Certification courses can be used for CEU’s such as ACLS etc.

Old Business:

Each person who participated in the conference needs to send your roles, timelines, and responsibilities to April Venes as soon as possible.

Dave or Cathy to place link for Duane Forrand fund on OSRC website.

Webmaster update given by Cathy Melero.

New Business:

Suggested President’s Action list from last year if needed by New President Cathy Melero; 

Timeline 2013. (See below)

1.  June 30th.  Send recommendations for speakers to Phil Finch.Some Suggestions during meeting. 

  • Jim Hulse Program director at OIT
  • Joe Dwarksi from PA
  • Nick from Medfor re: sleepJoel Glass PSGR Pres.
  • Gary Kaufman
  • Ann Turn
  • AARC sponsored speaker?

2.  July 31st. Phil Finch to have speakers confirmed on Program.

3.   August 12th Monday, Pre-conference meeting at Dave’s house 4pm

4.  September 13, Friday-BOD Meeting Salem-Conference Progress Check

5.  October 14, Reg. Online ready to go

6.  October 15th Flyer sent for Conference to 1600 RT’s

7. November , Friday @10-2-BOD meeting @ Conference site Holiday Inn Wilsonville

Next Board of Director’s Meetings-

 1.) March 07, 2014 Albany-Marilyn to set-up room and notify BOD members.

 Meeting Adjourned at 2020

Respectfully Submitted by Secretary,

April Venes, RRT, BSRC

February 15, 2014

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